Thoughtfolio 95 — the biggest wave surfed this year, how our brains really respond to remote working, and the origin story of a famous brand.

Jindy Mann
Oct 23, 2020


What I’ve been reading this week…


What does our brain really think of virtual working? (9 mins)

A fantastic neuroscience-led primer on the real effects of working virtually. “Our brains encode memories using contextual data from all our senses — taking virtual meetings from the same home office means our brain isn’t getting the same variety in contextual data it needs to form strong distinct memories”

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The curious origin story of one of the world’s best-known brands. (3 mins)

“In 1867, a ruined Louisiana banker started growing peppers in his garden. Today, the legacy of that garden stretches across 170+ countries and generates over $200 million in annual revenues.”


The woman who surfed the biggest wave of the year. (11 mins) [inc video]

Footage of Nazare always blows my mind and this story is particularly impressive given that Maya Gabeira almost died in the same area a few years ago. If you don’t have time to read it, just watch the GIF at the top of the article…

“Let your religion be in your actions.” Hugh Jackman’s dad



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