Thoughtfolio 77 — when I met an angel, 10 pandemic lessons and a corporate response to George Floyd’s death.

Jindy Mann
2 min readJun 11, 2020

What I’ve been reading & writing this week…


The day I met an angel. (2 mins)

A true story about the wisdom of strangers.

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What Have We Learned Here? (3 mins)

10 lessons that we’ve learned so far from the pandemic about our economies and businesses.

P 1 i cant breathe tv spot

A powerful corporate response to George Floyd’s death. (1 min)

Many details about what’s happening in the US have been shocking but not entirely surprising. But this corporate response made me realise just how stark the situation is: ViacomCBS, a multi-billion dollar US media corporation, is shutting down programming across 11 channels and running an 8 min 46 sec video — this being the time it took for Floyd to die. I find this an incredible indication of what’s happening there.

“After the final no there comes a yes. And on that yes, the future world depends.” Wallace Stevens



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