Thoughtfolio 106 — children are underprepared for the AI revolution, the stories behind famous brand slogans and creative exercises from the Surrealists.

Jindy Mann
Dec 31, 2020

What I’ve been reading this week…

5 creative exercises from the Surrealists. (3 mins)

Some great exercises from the surrealist movement to spark creativity and ideas. I’ve used the last one with nieces and nephews, they love it.

The stories behind classic brand slogans. (5 mins)

One of the best-known slogans in the world was inspired by the last words of a serial killer.

Our children are not prepared for the AI era. (6 mins)

“The UK’s education system is woefully underpreparing children for the forthcoming AI revolution.” A good companion to this is Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk on creativity & education.

“If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission.” Eddie Colla



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